03 January 2012 @ 02:59 am
Played Final Fantasy XI today. First time I've really been on since November. Everybody seemed pretty thrilled to see me back online.

After I wrote up my spellcast for Corsair me and a few of the guys joined in on a Dynamis Qufim, got the win on the second tree because the other people not in our linkshell didn't believe Halycon about needing the items to weaken the boss. Got complimented on my Corsair too, that felt nice.

After that me and Samosa ran out to Gustav Tunnel (I think it was?) and went to farm up a seasoned stone so I could attempt to do the limit break quest, with that finished I would be able to hit the new and final level cap of 99. It took us a while to farm up the item, but once we got it we attempted to get a second and got it after the second monster. Everyone decided to use the strategy of Beastmaster, Beastmaster, Beastmaster, Beastmaster, and me on Corsair.

Samosa got an item that would help make the fight a little bit easier, and we decided to go in. They had used the Beastmaster strategy before and won, but also had lost. I used Companion's Roll once we entered to buff their pets, then they used familiar to boost their pets a little bit more. Once we started the fight it was honestly, not what I expected.

The Taru that we where fighting went down pretty easily, and nobody died. He did deal some damage to the pets and Mort, but he only managed to kill Kiylee's pet. Once the Taru used hundred fists Samosa used the item which made him wonder around like a tard, then we destroyed him. Mort commented that having me there seemed to make a big difference due to Companion's Roll and later Beast Roll once I got it up. That also made me feel pretty proud.

After that I finished the quest and unlocked the level cap of 99. One of the other guys in the linkshell was already in a party, and said they had room. I sent a tell to the party leader and he seemed intent on having me come as another job, a job that could heal, also a job I don't have. The guy then said "just come COR" and I headed out. I got my atma and cruor buffs then headed to the camp spot, they where fighting those weird gold robot things.

I hit level 99 in about 30 or 40 minutes, and I think I made one of the Samurai's cry because his "super awesome" damage of 1500 was being out shined by my weaponskill damage of 3500. At one point he followed me and used all his abilities to solo one with two weaponskills, I could just feel he was trying to say "Ha you can't do that!". So I used wildfire, barrage, and then a fire shot to do just that. Of course after that I proceeded to two shot another one right after with another wildfire and fire shot. Poor bad Samurai, he's a pure DD and can only solo one guy while I can blow away two.


After I hit 99 and capped merit points I told the group I was tired and headed back to Jeuno. I spent 25 merit points to unlock my new weaponskill, Last Stand. I must say it's the coolest looking gun weaponskill I've seen.

Anyway.. felt good to be back, now to get Dragoon to 99.
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Grats hun.
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