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Final Fantasy: Deadliest Warrior  
Going to go ahead and not be a slacker this time and get up the next one.

Setzer Gabbiani vs Cait Sith

Setzer Gabbiani owns the only Airship in the world, well in the world of FF6 anyway. His craft is known as the Blackjack. His ship also doubles as a casino, having blackjack tables and slot machines inside. Setzer is a free spirit, he goes where he wants when he wants, and does what he wants when he wants.

Cait Sith isn't your average character though. Cait is an automaton cat, a mechanical creature built by Reeve Tuesti. Cait Sith was mostly used for spying missions due to his small stature, however Reeve did give Cait some offensive potential by adding another puppet. In Final Fantasy VII Cait Sith sits atop a giant moogle, Cait shouts orders for it to attack and the moogle will clobber whatever it's target is.

Both of these characters use unorthodox weapons in battle, and both characters rely on an interesting luck based power when they find themselves in a pinch. So who does lady luck favor?

Round 1: Weapons vs Weapons

Cait Sith technically always has the same weapon, his moogle. However he can equip megaphones himself that can provide enhanced strength, magic, and accuracy for his giant moogle. Still the moogle will be the one attacking, swinging it's large hands and fists in an attempt to punch and clobber Cait Sith's enemy.

Setzer can equip common weapons like daggers, but he prefers to use cards, darts, and dice. With the cards Setzer throws them at the enemy, the same way a ninja would use a shuriken. His cards cut and slice into the opponent dealing damage. with darts the idea is the same, throw them at the opponent. His dice work the same way, though depending on what number they roll it results in either high or low damage.

I think the name of the game here is range. Cait Sith would order his moogle to attack Setzer, and it would begin it's tireless charge. However, as it charges Setzer could throw cards, darts, and dice into the moogle. Keeping his distance Setzer would be able to avoid any damage while dishing it out to Cait Sith and his moogle.

Winner: Setzer

Round 2: Magicite vs Materia

We've already talked about Materia in Cloud's fight, and it is a powerful tool. Cait Sith would be able to equip a variety of materia that would allow him the use of white magic, black magic, and summoning magic, as well as boosting his stats. Cait Sith also has a naturally high magic power.

Magicite works like materia, in that Setzer can equip it and use the spells it has. In the case of Magicite though it actually teaches Setzer the magic permanently, thus Setzer can learn almost every magic in the game. Still his magic stat is low and it's not idle for him to be a spell slinger, just a card slinger.

in this case, I'd give it to Cait Sith. The power of materia is incredible, and he's naturally stronger with magic. Setzer is built to be a faster more agile attacker with his cards, not a spell caster.

Winner: Cait Sith

Round 3: Luck vs Luck

Both Setzer and Cait Sith have a unique ability known as slots. When activated a large slot machine will begin to spin and the goal is to try and match three of the same symbol. The slot machine's results can vary to hand of god (instant kill), to powerful attacks, to average attacks, and finally bad luck which actually kills the user.

The slot machine is just as random as a roll of the dice, so for this final round that's what I'll be doing. Both characters are relying on luck so I will be doing 10 mini rounds, one roll for each character. Whoever has the most highest rolls or rounds won will be the winner.

roll I

[S: 1] [C: 3] [C]

roll II

[S: 6] [C: 4] [S]

roll III

[S: 4] [C: 6] [C]

roll IV

[S: 1] [C: 3] [C]

roll V

[S: 2] [C: 1] [S]

roll VI

[S: 4] [C: 4] [D]

roll VII

[S: 6] [C: 3] [S]

roll VIII

[S: 6] [C: 5] [S]

roll IX

[S: 5] [C: 5] [D]

Roll X

[S: 4] [C: 2] [S]


Setzer: 5

Cait Sith: 3

Winner: Setzer

Overall Winner: Setzer

Setzer's luck came through for him, but that's not to say that he can't fight. I feel that all around he might be a better fighter. We see that he does have experience with pub brawling due to the scars on his face, it's believed that he got these scars during card games that went south.

Cait Sith could have been just as lucky, but this time he wasn't. As far as battle goes Cait Sith was designed to be a spy first and a fighter second and that really shows. He'd have to rely on sneak attacks in order to get the jump on Setzer or on magic, but Setzer is overall just the better fighter.

Next Fight: Lulu vs Hope Re-dux!
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a a r a l y n: lenne ° just for tonight darling[personal profile] white_mage on December 30th, 2011 05:24 am (UTC)
I agree!
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Serys: the world outside[personal profile] serys on December 30th, 2011 07:26 am (UTC)
Well, come on. You know it'd be Setzer. Cait Sith sucks. I never got the whole dice thing either.
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Corsair: Corsair - Fire Shot[personal profile] corsair on December 30th, 2011 07:47 am (UTC)
The dice thing I did or dice as a weapon? as a weapon I always guessed they where you know "magical" or some crap.
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Serys[personal profile] serys on December 30th, 2011 07:51 am (UTC)
Well, both actually. I could never find all 12 soliders (or however many there are).. what if he's a closet badass or something?
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Corsair[personal profile] corsair on December 30th, 2011 08:27 am (UTC)
I don't have a slot machine so I used dice rolling to still create a random out come. Like let's say Cait Sith rolled a 2, that means he did a crappy toy box attack. Setzer rolled a 6, so he summoned bahamut. I was trying to just recreate random luck which both characters at times rely on.

as far as the 12 soldiers go I assume you mean the 1/35 soldier dolls you find? I know there is two you find in Junon and can get more at the Gold Saucer. There are tons of rumors regarding what they do, one of them being making his soldier slot attack stronger.

As far as I know though that's all been proven false.
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